darling, have you dared to
delve into the delicious
decadence that i deliver
you dearly and delicately?
do you don on the first
draw of daybreak or do you
drift toward dull drapery of
drowning dim-lit distillery?
dearest, don’t you want to
drip your indelible dew like
dressings to the delectable
dives of my dazzling depth?
do you desire to dig deeper
than any other has ever done?
you do, i see it in the divots
of your dimples. my delight,
my dangerous dagger, do not
decurt my demure, you are
too undeniably dapper to cause
deluge from my doe-eyes.
i’ve derived destiny between our
dizzy dally in direct daylight.
my dream, let us be dreamers,
my adoration will never diminish
with my devilish doll doting
on this dame.