Jen’s Jam: Weather


We typically consider “talking about the weather” small talk — an inconsequential conversation some stranger forces upon you while you’re out in public minding your own business. Since this is our first jam session, in many ways we are strangers, so talking about the weather seems a somewhat appropriate way to … break the ice.

But as artists, the weather often takes on deeper meaning. Less idle chit-chat, more profound personal revelation. In Nine Stories, J.D. Salinger wrote “Poets are always taking the weather so personally. They’re always sticking their emotions in things that have no emotions.”

This week, we’re jamming straight into the heart of the hurricane. Take it personally. Stick your emotions where they don’t belong. I dare you.

Tag your creations #alitweather. We’ll be watching.

Anonymous: She asks me if I have ever sat there within the confines of a room they say is my own and simply grieved for the days I have, the ones I've had, and the ones I'll never come to see. She asks if the tears have fallen and the loneliness of a death coming, that you often wish would simply arrive, catches my breath to the point of where I am tempted to just hold it and never let it go. On these days I can only look at her and say, I do but the thought of the sun keeps me going; It's nearly morning.

"The world is round; keep going."


Our September issue is now available!

To say that this issue is late would be putting it mildly. We’ve been dealing with tragedy, staff changes, a move to bimonthly publication, as well as the customary communication delays. None of that, however, will keep us from bringing you the finest creative talents we can get our hands on.

This month, we offer a short installment — six beautiful pieces by autumnalwolf, phillyview, keepsyoulookingup, epea-pteroenta, maxwelldpoetry, and zoecontros, all wrapped in a captivating photograph from calotypechemistry.

Follow these links to view/download the high-res and normal resolution copies of Hospitals. We strongly encourage you to follow your favorites, drop them a line if you feel frisky, and do your damnedest to support these fabulous individuals and their work.


A taste of the Amazing Sculptures of Gregor Gaida

Polish artist Gregor Gaida ( Based in Germany ). The most surprising thing about his work is that most of these almost photographic sculptures are carved from wood (and then combined with aluminium, polyester and acrylic resin) His sculptures often depict strange compositions of animals or interactions between people. Txt Via


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I’d say it blows.

You are the expert, after all.

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I wouldn’t say I hate it … more like I’m trying to decide which way feels better in my mouth. It’s all about mouth-feel. Or throat-feel, as the case may be.

I think we have to take Luke’s years of experience into consideration here and just go with him.

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All roads seem tolead to original? Not sure I like it, feels a bit disjointed. And there should be a huge banner link to your book, obvs. :D

Well, it is my site so I want to highlight my work. My dash stream on the other hand… that’s for everybody. I’m thinking of making the book cover the page background — and the foreground. One big book cover, page after page, and nothing else. =P

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I win. Everyone else can go home. I got the hamburglar with cheese seal of approval.


Featured Curator of the Week : Archan Nair [archanN]

CT Nelson’s paintings do not fit into one artistic movement. His approach draws from many and has developed into a unique style that is completely his own. A captivating contrast of urban linear illustrative street aesthetics within fragmented Americana and Neoclassical narratives encourages further investigation of complex, emotional contemplation. Employing an exceptional awareness of light and color, Ct creates an opportunity to delve deeper into phantasmagorical landscapes where the initial discomforts and distortions of the grotesque transform into genuine intellectual curiosities.

CT Nelson Tumblr

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How to Raise an Oracle (Poem by Matt Freeman)



Trap her
before her body
learns rhythm
of ocean.

Keep her that she believes
herself the moon. Teach her
to know no pull but yours.

To live in excess
is to seek balance.

She will believe herself
to be all of existence and
the space that cradles.

Bathe her — purity in flesh
cupped by unsettling hand.

Push her
to birth a god,
to give.
Let her labors last
as many days as months.

Train her not to choke,
to breathe vapors laced
with your regret.

You are finished.
Watch a woman raise
this world from ash.

When she is empty, feed her

beans. Plant within her
new seeds. Let her grow.

Trap her
before her open heart
knows your pulse.


Ann says:  I read this poem as being about a yang (masculine) narrator wishing to lure a yin (feminine) one out of her yin home in the moonlit night water.

Copyright 2014 by Matt H. Freeman (aka RaiseTheCurve).  His excellent new collection of poetry, Before I Leave, can be purchased here.

Images: 1. Howard Pyle  2. Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry